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Friday, May 11, 2012

Major Report: Children with Disabilities

Volume 22, Number 1, Spring, 2012

This remarkably thorough report on the current state of childhood disability in America, both physical and mental or developmental, was brought to our attention by Jerry Mogul, executive director of Massachusetts Advocates for Children, an organization NESCA is proud to support. Some takeaways?

"Both researchers and policy makers must be aware of, and respond aggressively to, the shift in the nature of childhood disability from problems that are physical in nature to those that involve a mental health disorder--one that often has more severe consequences than many physical health conditions.

The fragmented nature of services for children with disabilities places a tremendous burden not only on children but also on their families, and those families struggle at great cost to fill the gaps. Any policy measure that effectively increases coordination between the home, the doctor's office (or offices) and the school would tremendously improve the lives of children with disabilities, and their families."

You can, and should, read an executive summary HERE. The full report (2.1MB) is available HERE.


Children with Disabilities: Introducing the Issue
Janet M. Currie and Robert Kahn

The Changing Landscape of Disability in Childhood
Neal Halfon, Amy Houtrow, Kandyce Larson and Paul W. Newacheck

Childhood Health: Trends and Consequences over the Life Course
Liam Delaney and James P. Smith

The Economic Costs of Childhood Disability
Mark Stabile and Sara Allin

Disability and the Education System
Laudan Aron and Pamela Loprest

Health Insurance and Children with Disabilities
Peter G. Szilagyi

How Can Quality Improvement Enhance the Lives of Children with Disabilities?
James M. Perrin

Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Disability
Paul H. Wise

Prevention of Disability in Children: Elevating the Role of Environment
Stephen A. Rauch and Bruce P. Lanphear

Appendix 1
Future of Children Staff

Appendix 2
Future of Children Staff

Appendix 3
Mark Stabile and Sara Allin

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