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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From Experienced Advocates: Two Guides to Successful IEP Negotiations

We're generally none too fond of infomercials, but having just survived another frantic IEP season bloodied but unbowed, we decided that these two new manuals would be useful and reasonably-priced products to recommend.

 The IEP Success Kit was developed by Dennise Goldberg, the parent of a child with significant special needs and owner of SpecialEducationAdvisor.com, an excellent website we have found to be a source of reliable information and good advice.  It's well worth the money as an organizer alone.

The second, by SPED Law Veterans "Pete" Wright, his wife Pamela and Sandra Webb O'Connor, is a book in Q&A format that answers more than 200 frequently-asked questions about the IEP process. The Wrights are best known as founders of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, but also publish the blog Wrightslaw Way and the email newsletter Special Ed Advocate.

 Remember that these guides are not substitutes for professional advocacy or legal representation!

 From SpecialEducationAdvisor.com

The IEP Success Kit

"Created by Veteran IEP Advocates So You Can Handle an IEP Like a Pro!"

The IEP Success Kit gives you, whether you are a parent or a service provider, the exact system used by professional educational advocates. The IEP Success Kit walks you through the process, step by step, of how to successfully advocate for your child. Plus, it keeps the mountains of paper work, reports and agreements organized for quick access.

Get Educated and Organized

The IEP Success Kit is not just a collection of documents and a binder, it is a step-by-step system that both educates and guides you through the IEP process. IEP Success Kit starts off explaining the IEP process and your special education rights. Then, you learn how to use the kit to organize and store all of your IEP paperwork in the high quality and durable binder. It also gives you the tools you need to effectively advocate in meetings, including note taking and documenting who participated and what was said.

 Struggling with written communications?

Properly communicating in writing is so very important to your IEP success. We not only show you how to write effectively through examples, we’ve done almost all of the work for you. The IEP Success Kit includes both hard copy and Word formatted templates for all of the most common and critical letters you are likely to need to send out during your IEP process.

The IEP Success Kit Includes:
  • Step by Step IEP Success Guide
  • Contacts and Meeting Notes Organizer
  • Check Lists for Meetings and Documentation
  • Letter and Other Written Communication Templates
  • IEP Related Document and Records Filing System
  • Nationwide School District and Resources Directory
  • Understanding Test Scores Tutorial & Chart
  • Special Education Dictionary and FAQ
  • Durable and Attractive Hardcover 3 Ring Binder (Not Included in Digital Download)
  • CD containing all documents and files in digital format, Windows and Mac compatible. (Not included in Digital Download)
Ordering Information

The hardcopy version is $39.95, plus $7.95 shipping. The digital download version costs $14.95. Discounts are available for bulk orders of 5 or more copies. Call for 818-993-3011 for special pricing. You can order them HERE.

The IEP Success Kit comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.


From Wrightslaw.com

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs

by Peter W. D. Wright, Esq., Pamela Darr Wright, M.A., M.S.W. and Sandra Webb O'Connor, M.Ed.

"In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to over 200 frequently asked questions about IEPs."

Learn what the law says about:
  • IEP Teams and IEP Meetings
  • Parental Rights & Consent
  • Steps in Developing the IEP
  • Placement, Transition, Assistive Technology
  • Strategies to Resolve Disagreements
We answer more than 200 questions and guide you through various scenarios. We will describe legal issues that you may encounter if you have a child with a disability who receives special education services. We will outline your rights and responsibilities, and explain the law in plain language you can understand.

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs is an FAQs book, not an encyclopedia of every conceivable question anyone could ask. As you read these questions and answers, you may feel like you are having a conversation with Pete, Pam, and Sue.

Or you may feel like you are reading an advice column. When you read a question that captures your interest, you wonder what advice we will give.

It includes resources if you want or need to go deeper. It also includes endnotes at the end of each chapter so you the authority for the answers. If you take the book to a school meeting, you will have the law, regulation, OSEP publication, or commentary that we relied upon in our answers.

 Wrightslaw: All about IEPs is illustrated, two color, and includes recommended resources, advocate's tips, and checklists. The book includes two appendices, a glossary of terms, a bibliography of references, and an index. The price is rock bottom - $12.95. We wanted to make sure that everyone who needs to learn "all about IEPs" can afford it.

Additional Details and Ordering Information

Table of Contents
How to Order

E-Book Formats Available! $7.95! (Save $5.00 - 38%)

Kindle (mobi) - Text to speech enabled. Download FREE Sample Chapter. FAQs about eBook formats. Order the Kindle edition HERE.

NOTE: NESCA is not affiliated in any way with either of the organizations above, who provided the copy, and derives no benefit from their sales.

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