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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Important FAQs about AASC

You've asked about AASC. Some answers:

What is It?

AASC (Anxiety and Attention Skills Coaching) is NESCA's unique, intensive program that addresses the pressing needs of children whose anxiety, executive function deficits, attentional problems and impulsivity subvert their work in school and undermine both peer and familial relationships.

AASC is a 12-week program involving 3 one-hour sessions per week with the primary clinician and 1 one-hour session per week of yoga therapy (four sessions per week, total).

Specific interventions utilized are highly individualized based on the child’s needs and interests.

Intervention strategies utilized include psycho-educational, cognitive behavioral and emotion processing techniques, mindfulness, self-monitoring methods and behavioral rewards systems.

Who Runs It?

AASC is supervised by Angela Currie, Ph.D., who has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety-based disorders. Working closely with her are Jill O'Connell-Nordin, M.S.W. and NESCA Yoga Therapist Hannah Gould, M.Ed., RYT.


Our turn to ask some key questions:

Is your child…
  • So anxious that he or she is having a very hard time learning?
  • Worried much of the time?
  • Struggling unsuccessfully to pay attention or control impulsive behaviors?
  • Falling further behind in school or peer relationships?
Does your child…
  • Need quickly to learn new coping skills before these problems become overwhelming?
If you answered yes...

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