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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cure your Anxiety Naturally - How Yoga Helps In Recovering From Anxiety

From Wind-Sea.com

"Just the same as other types of exercise, yoga is a natural remedy that can keep the body and mind healthy."

Anxiety attacks can be crippling for those who frequently suffer from them. There are times when the attacks are very alarming and depressing that patients may need to take on radical lifestyle changes in order to find relief.

For instance, individuals who are suffering from Agoraphobia, or fear of open spaces, are likely to stay inside their homes all the time just to avoid their fear.

According to numerous researches, yoga does not only provide benefits on physical health but it can also effectively help in treating various mental and psychological conditions.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have started to discover and learn the many benefits in treating various conditions such as apprehension and depression.

If you are suffering from panic attacks and you want an effective and natural way to deal with your condition and you cannot find relief from prescription medications and treatments, you can try yoga for anxiety and panic attacks treatment through meditation and practices.

How does it help?

The psychological, mental and health advantages of exercise are undeniable. In fact, even simple workouts such as jogging or running can help improve the condition of your psychological health – and yoga is one of the exercises that can have positive effects on one’s mood.

While it is known for its effects on bringing balance to the body, spirit and the mind, it is mostly a body function. It is a workout routine that trains different body muscles by forcing its limit of flexibility and motion.

It releases endorphins.

According to researchers, exercise provides a natural high due to the physical activity. While doing an intense exercise, the body naturally releases endorphins and this provides the brain a feeling of contentment, happiness, pleasure and accomplishment.

It can increase the GABA levels in the body.

People who are experiencing uneasiness and depression usually lack a certain neurotransmitter, GABA. Due to this, researches have shown that individuals who are performing routines and poses regularly experience low levels of depression, apprehension, hopelessness and anger.

Experts have studied and acknowledged the GABA effect on one’s mood and it is considered as one of the natural ways to increase GABA in the body.

It can effectively detoxify the body.

It is a type of workout that can release a lot of body sweat. When you sweat, the body is eliminating bad toxins from the system and, as you rehydrate your body by drinking lots of water, you can clean the chemicals and toxins that can worsen the levels of worry and stress.

It can naturally relax and calm the body and the mind.

While advanced types can be very intense, simple yoga exercises can be very relaxing and calming – and due to this, it can deal with short-range worry as it requires the individual to concentrate on the exercise/position and this can release all types of worries

It can tone the body and help in losing weight.

According to researchers, apprehension and stress is connected to being overweight. It can help lessen stress by letting the person shed a few pounds by doing regular sessions.

Anybody can perform this routine.

There are trainings that are specifically designed for beginners, and these are a good way to introduce your body to the advantages of this exercise without the feeling of humiliation and intimidation.

It brings inner peace.

It can strengthen and cleanses the entire body mechanism by enhancing the circulation of blood and providing fresh oxygen along with its essential nutrients that are needed for one’s overall health. In addition, it lets the individual to have inner peace and a feeling of wellness.

It’s all natural.

A lot of people suffering from anxiety disorder usually depend on anti-anxiety medications for temporary relief. However, these drugs and treatments usually involve negative side effects, which can be dangerous to one’s health. There are numerous drugs for this condition that can cause dependency and harmful addiction. On the other hand, yoga is a natural remedy that will alleviate the symptoms of the condition safely and effectively.

There are various styles that you can try and they can be quite overwhelming and intimidating but keep in mind that the essence of yoga is all similar – the concentration on relaxation, breathing and being in sync with your body. Therefore, the kind of poses that you perform is not really important. What you need is to find a peaceful, convenient and supportive environment when doing the exercise.

If you enroll in a session that doesn’t feel quite comfortable, you won’t be able to achieve the relief you need from panic attacks and nervousness. What you can do as an alternative is to purchase or rent a video that can teach you how to perform the different poses, which you can easily and comfortably do inside your home. You may find the positions uncomfortable especially during the initial exercises but as your body becomes familiar with the poses, you will soon feel relaxed.

Alternatively, if you choose to join a class, make sure to talk to your instructor and tell them the reason why you have enrolled. This way, they can offer encouragement and support.

However, it is important to note that the benefits of this type of exercise for nervousness and panic attack may not be instant. You will feel its effects after several weeks of regular sessions. Just the same as other types of exercise, it is a natural remedy that can keep the body and mind healthy.

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