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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Understanding Development in Preschoolers

From NCLD.org - The National Center for Learning Disabilities

March, 2013

Resources for Early Literacy Success

It’s fun to watch preschoolers grow. You can track their physical growth by measuring their height with a yardstick, but how can you measure young children’s development in other areas? For example, how can you be sure a preschooler is learning and mastering age-appropriate language skills—and how can you detect early warning signs of a possible problem with learning or behavior?

Get Ready to Read! is here to help you answer these important questions.

This series of articles provides simple guidelines for preschoolers’ development in several areas, introduces ways for parents and teachers to provide enriching learning experiences, and suggests possible “red flags” for concern.

Check out:

NCLD's Interactive Learning Disabilities Checklist

Concerned about your preschooler’s learning and development?

While most children have problems with learning and behavior from time to time, consistent patterns of struggle should not be ignored, even in preschoolers.

Use this checklist as a helpful guide to determine if your young child may be at risk for learning disabilities.

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