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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The “Getting to Know My Child” Booklet: A Guide for Your Child's Kindergarten Teacher

From the Early Learning & Literacy eNewsletter
"Get Ready to Read!"

By Editors, NCLD Staff
August 14, 2013

For parents, getting your child ready for school and learning to read and write begins early in your child’s development, well before kindergarten or first grade. The love and guidance that you provide your child can set him or her on the way to many years of success in school.

This is a booklet for you to fill out and either give to your child’s pre-kindergarten teacher as part of an Early Learning Passport or it can be a separate packet of information you can give directly to your child’s kindergarten teacher at the beginning of the school year.

It gives you the opportunity to share important information about:
  • Your child’s likes and dislikes, such as listening to stories, drawing and coloring, play alone or with other children;
  • Your child’s strengths and weaknesses and any concerns that you may have;
  • Your child’s early learning experiences, and whether or not he or she was enrolled in a preschool or other pre-K program;
  • Whether or not your child is receiving any special supports or services. If your child is receiving special services, the information you provide here can help to ensure that those services continue without gaps into the new school year.

This booklet is meant to be a starting point for information sharing between the home and school. Providing your child’s kindergarten teacher with all or some of this information will help in transitioning your child to the kindergarten settings.

This booklet will work best if you review and discuss it with your child’s kindergarten teacher during the first month of school. Taking the time to connect with your child’s teacher will get the new school year off to a terrific start!

Download the “Getting to Know My Child” booklet.


This information is also available in Spanish.


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