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Monday, November 4, 2013

Special Needs Apps from October, 2013

From The Friendship Circle Blog

By Lauren Lewis
November 1, 2013

With over a thousand apps available to help individuals with special needs, it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app. The Friendship Circle’s Special Needs App Review aims to make it easier for you to find the right special needs app. Below are some of the apps uploaded in the month of October. Have a special needs app? Submit it here.

Uses a unique multi-sensory approach to mathematics to make the subject fun, accessible and appealing for all learners. Appropriate for pre-K–1 1st grade, as well as Response to Intervention (RtI), remediation, and special education.
Price: $5.99 Platform: Apple

A visual aid time support for people with autism, special needs, ADHD, and anxiety problems. The countdown is started by touching one of the colored balls. Note that time intervals can be changed by touching the grey button down in the middle.
Price: Free! Platform: Android

iSEQUENCES is an educational app that helps teaching social habits and emotions to children with Autism/ASD and Asperger’s Syndrome. All are taught by the character Tatus and its friends.
Price: $2.99 Platforms: Android and Apple

Lovable Nott doesn’t want to go to bed; there is so much more to explore! This interactive story starts when Nott is not in the least inclined to go to sleep and it ends when she is totally at peace to close her eyes. In Nott Won’t Sleep, toddlers and preschoolers aged 2 to 5 help little Nott get ready for bed.
Price: $4.99 Platform: Apple

Able Jr AAC is an affordable and easy to use augmentative and alternative communication application for the iPad/iPhone and iPod Touch that is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers with delayed speech or severe speech disorders.
Price: $24.99 Platform: Apple

Use your knowledge of what interests your child or special education student to create a video providing auditory and visual reinforcement that plays when your student taps the correct button in response to your question.
Price: $29.99 Platform: Apple

Stepping Stones is a personal visual organizer for prompting daily routines and schedules. The simple interface allows a caregiver to create a routine, or ‘Path’, for the user to follow. The Path then works as reminder with visual and audio guides to act as prompts.
Price: $.99 Platform: Apple

Video Modeling made simple and fun! WordToob is designed to make learning words and new skills fun and engaging through pre-stored and customized videos. People of all ages and intellectual levels enjoy watching videos. With WordToob they play an active role in learning while doing what they love.
Price: $9.99 Platform: Apple

Students learn and review vocabulary such as middle ear, audiogram, etc. and problem solve commonly occurring scenarios in a board game format. Data sheets and sample IEP goals can be downloaded. The game can be individualized by using only the vocabulary and challenges applicable to your student or child.
Price: $14.99 Platform: Apple

Rhythm Rooms is an interactive educational music game suitable for children with special needs. You can listen to, learn and copy given rhythms or create your own in the Music Room. You can combine up to four different instruments in the Play room.
Price: $2.99 Platform: Apple

Todo K-2 Math Practice is a series of 6 fun and engaging multi-level games that offer children practice and support in Pre-K through 2nd grade math fluency skills including: counting, writing numerals, addition and subtraction. Read the Full Review.
Price: Free! Platform: Apple

A tool that allows people who, for different reasons, are forced to move out of a wheelchair, to easily identify if the type of structure that is provided affords appropriate accessibility at an acceptable and, if possible, high standard of quality.
Price: Free! Platform: Apple

The EDA PLAY app helps children train vision and fine motor skills. The options of image set-up and task levels enable kids with special needs (especially with visual impairment and motor skills disorders) to work with this app.
Price: $4.99 Platform: Apple

With this app, children will learn to tell time to the hour and minute, calendar concepts, digital time, and the components of a daily schedule through fun, interactive mini games.
Price: 3.99 Platform: Apple

About Lauren Lewis

Lauren Lewis began working at the Friendship Circle in May, 2012 as the Communications and Event Coordinator. After participating in Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan and meeting some amazing kids with special needs, Lauren fell in love with the cause and never stopped advocating. When not at the Friendship Circle, she is wearing maize and blue and revitalizing Detroit. You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn.

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