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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review: The Social Neuroscience of Education, by Louis Cozolino

From Greater Good
The Science of a Meaningful Life

December 16, 2013

The Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom

Years of research have shown that our brains are designed to maximize learning and social connection. But how can we put that information to use in the classroom?

In his comprehensive book, The Social Neuroscience of Education, psychologist Louis Cozolino details the psychology and neuroscience research findings that explain the importance of social connection in education.

We learn how important early life experiences can be, how stress impairs learning, how children learn best in small bursts of focus, and how teacher bias is a natural bi-product of our evolution, which nonetheless must be counteracted in the classroom.

Cozolino provides educators with a set of tips for putting research findings into action. By developing supportive relationships, scaffolding learning, providing context for students, and other strategies, teachers can augment learning in their classrooms. While some of this may seem intuitive, Cozolino’s book makes a strong case for why it’s imperative to engage students’ social brains if we want our schools to deliver. —JS

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