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Friday, March 21, 2014

Helping Disorganized Kids Become Organized

From Dr. Michele Borba's Blog

By Michele Borba, Ed.D.
January 18, 2014

Advice to help disorganized, forgetful kids get organized and for kids with shorter attention spans who need to “declutter” and learn routines.

“My daughter is sweet and loving but hopelessly disorganized. I’m always picking up forgotten homework assignments, putting school into her backpack and reminding her of her schedule. I worry that she’ll need a full time assistant to help her get through high school. Her room looks like a bomb hit it. School is starting up in a few days and I’m already in a state of panic. What can I do to help my kid be more organized this year?”

Sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many similar queries I’ve received from parents over the past few days. My answer: there certainly are things you can do to help kids become more organized. And helping your kids now will help them in the upcoming years when you’re not there to pick up the pieces and serve as their personal Palm Pilot.

The secret to teaching organizational skills is to take on just one troubling issue at a time, find a simple solution that fits your child, and then stick to it until that new organization system becomes a habit.

HERE are a few good tips from Dr. Borba on helping kids become more organized!

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