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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Online Course: Mindful Parenting - How Mindfulness Can Make You Happier and Your Kids Less Stressed

From Christine Carter, Ph.D.
Science-based Tips for Productivity, Success and Happiness

March 2, 2014

Find Happiness in the Present!

Do you find yourself ruminating on things that have happened in the past or constantly striving for more out of life?

Raising Happiness Homestudy Theme Six

This class will help you:
  • Learn the latest mindfulness research and put it into practice immediately. Dr. Carter shares the tremendous benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction for your brain and your immune system. Improve your physical and emotional health!
  • Practice one small mindfulness-based parenting skill per week. By taking small but steady steps, you’ll see an immediate difference.
  • Learn how mindfulness in your children can be leveraged to improve their academic achievement, behavior, mental health, and social relationships.
It will cover:
  • Why a mindfulness practice can easily be an integral part of your physical and mental well-being.
  • How to kickstart a mindfulness practice in your life. We’ll introduce strategies that you can use immediately and offer resources for further practice.
  • The importance of play, creativity, savoring and flow. “Flow” experiences teach kids that perseverance can lead to mastery, and this typically instills confidence in children.
This is what you get when you enroll in this online class:

Schedule flexibility. We know juggling parenting and everything else can make it difficult to find time for a class. This is online class is made for busy people!

You’ll get four video classes that you can watch anytime:
  1. Mindfulness Makes You a Better Parent
  2. Parenting Mindfully
  3. Why Play is Important
  4. Creativity, Savoring and Flow
You’ll also get a bonus week: Raise Lucky Kids.

Did you know luck is a skill that can be developed? Lucky people are more satisfied with their lives, their family, their health and their careers — what more could we want for our children?

Online community. Access to a private Raising Happiness Classroom and Facebook group where we post bonus materials. You’ll be a part of a 24/7 community of like-minded parents.

Coaching from Dr. Christine Carter. Post a question online. Dr. Carter typically responds within 48 hours.

This class focuses on Theme Six from the full Raising Happiness Homestudy.

Register now.

If you have any questions regarding this program, check out our FAQs here, or email questions@christinecarter.com.

Class Testimonials

“Her book and online classes have changed my life in so many meaningful and positive ways. Each class captivates me with interesting science based, practical tips. I have applied many at home and my family and I are so much happier and healthier because of it!”
-- Melanie, mother of two girls, Santa Monica, California

“Wow. I have never really participated in an online community like this, and I have to say it is incredibly inspirational. I feel honored to be in the company of such honest, thoughtful, self-aware people.”
-- Lisa, mother of two, Madison, Wisconsin

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