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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer 2014 Social Programs from Learning Solutions

From Learning Solutions

By Kelley Challen, Ed.M., CAS
NESCA Director of Transition Services

May 16, 2014

Led by Founder/Executive Director Tracey Stoll, M.Ed., Learning Solutions in Norwood, MA is a GREAT resource, offering a wide range of social and pragmatic learning opportunities for kids ages 5-18.

In addition to traditional social groups, they offer a number of unique supports such as fitness groups at New England Sports Academy, community-based social outings for kids 10-18, and 1:1 community-based social coaching for kids ages 16-18.

These groups are “...designed for children with social and pragmatic language challenges due to ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder/PDD-NOS, Asperger's Syndrome, NLD, learning disabilities, social anxiety and other challenging social experiences or needs.”

Social Groups (60 min.) Ages 5-18 years.
July 7 – August 16
(On-Going School Year)
Weekly instructional groups of peers learning, practicing and discovering "secrets" about navigating the social world! 6 weeks; Mon.-Fri. afternoons and Saturdays; $390.

Social Outings (90 min.) Ages 10-16+ years.
July 7 – August 16 
Supported, FUN, weekly outings with a peer group! Social experiences such as bowling, mini-golf, eating out, etc. 6 weeks; ages 10-13 Thursday late afternoon, ages 10-13 Saturdays; ages 13-16 Saturdays; $477 plus activity fees.

Social Mentoring and Coaching (60 min.)
Ages 16-18 years. July 7 – August 16
1:1 Community-based social learning support, 1 hour a week with Social Coach. Locations determined between Social Coach and client. Experiences and coaching to promote social understanding and awareness of learners looking to strengthen knowledge of social nuance and interactions that impact peer relationships and communication.

All transportation of client responsibility of client parent/guardian to and from community meeting locations. 6 weeks; ages 16-18: Day of week and time to be determined between client and Social Coach. (60 min/weekly) $450 plus activity fees.

Social Fit! * (105 min.) Ages 8-15 years. On-going
Learning Solutions at New England Sports Academy (NESA), Westwood
Come participate in weekly Social Learning groups that focus on "reading the environment" and "reading the social cues" of others you are sharing and playing with! Become more comfortable and regulated to participate in a recreational sport environment which promotes fitness and well-being.

Support is provided for social learners to engage in recreational, non-competitive sports classes alongside peers. For schedule and fees, www.nesaacademy.com.

Social Fit! Summer Camp at NESA, Westwood, MA
Grades 1-8, July 7–Aug. 22.
Mon.-Fri. 1:00-5:00pm, Register minimum of 3 days/week @ $85/day, or 5 day week @ $375.
For more information on summer camp, go to NESA website
www.nesacademy.com and choose "programs," then "other sports and programs."

Social Clubs * (60/90/120 min.) Ages 5-15 years.
July 7 - August 16
Interest based, FUN clubs supported by our Clinicians and Coaches, to hang out with peers! Ex. Lemonade Stand Club!, Emotional Art/Theatre Exploration, Lego Movie Making and Creation, and more! Date/Time/Fee specific to Club.

Social Tutorials * (60 min.) Ages 5-12 years.
July 7 – August 16
Thematic Social Learning tutorials that focus on one "social secret" at a time. Small, instructional groups of peers coming together with our Clinicians and Coaches to break down communication/expectations. Ex. Hygiene Hints, Playground Practice and more! Date/Time/Fee specific to Tutorial.

* Denotes open to sibling registration as well.

To register or for additional information, please contact Brenda Collins, by email to info@learningsolutionsforme.com, or call 781-762-3750.

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