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Friday, July 25, 2014

Beyond Booksmart - A Name Change for "Thinking Outside the Classroom"


July 27, 2014

Established in 2006, Beyond BookSmart (formerly Thinking Outside the Classroom), provides executive function coaching to students from 3rd grade through college, and even to adults.

They are a group, led by educator Michael Delman, to which we often refer clients with executive function deficits.

Executive functions are self-management skills that help people achieve goals. In order to be effective, students must be able to manage their emotions and attention, organize and plan their work and time, and reflect upon and revise their tactics as circumstances change.

Beyond Booksmart provides effective tools and strategies that allow student to clarify and achieve what is important to them, succeed academically and be more fulfilled.

In the video below, NESCA Director Dr. Ann Helmus discusses what makes Beyond Booksmart a valuable resource:

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