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Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Praise for Hannah Gould and Yoga Connects - A Visual Yoga Curriculum for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders


April 16, 2015

Hannah Gould, M.Ed., RYT
NESCA's therapeutic yoga program director Hannah Gould, M.Ed., RYT and her groundbreaking new "Yoga Connects" visual curriculum for children on the autism spectrum continue to earn effusive praise from clients.

Here's the latest, received last week:

"I have a 6-year-old who is on the autism spectrum and has stress, anxiety and some behaviors. I myself am certified to teach yoga to kids with special needs, but have been unsuccessful in bringing it to my own child.

Hannah's program was so structured and something (name redacted) could control and take charge of. It took a few weeks, but around week three, (he) was actually doing yoga! By the end of the six weeks, (he) was looking forward to yoga! There is so much research out there now on how yoga helps with stress and anxiety, and with Hannah's patience, we finally found something that worked for (him) and was realistic for our busy schedules.

Really, I can't thank you enough, Hannah. The time you spent with (him) was priceless to our family. (My other son) is now getting involved! It's amazing! He is so proud to show (his brother) his yoga and tell him that, "yoga isn't for babies to act silly". He is proud to show me and his baby brother how to do yoga. Thank you so much.

Just your calm, peaceful, loving energy is something we all see and feel when we sit down to do our yoga together. You know better than anyone that just that phrase, "we sit down to do our yoga together" is more than I could have dreamed was possible.


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