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Friday, December 4, 2015

Winter Specials on NESCA’s Therapeutic Yoga Programs, Now Offered on Saturdays!


December 4, 2105

Winter Special: $500 for the First 6 Sessions
(almost 25% off!)
- Enroll before Jan 15, 2016 (new students only) -

Yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices are rapidly gaining recognition as effective treatments for conditions such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety and depression.

At the cutting-edge of this treatment revolution, NESCA has provided therapeutic yoga services to children and adolescents for the past several years, with excellent results.

The NESCA yoga program is rooted in the belief that self-regulation and self-awareness skills are essential foundations of success and general well-being in all settings.

Sessions are designed to work with the learning style of each participant and to be appropriately engaging and fun in order to promote active participation.

NESCA is pleased to offer the following Therapeutic Yoga Services:

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga uses movement, breathing, mindfulness exercises and meditation to bring children to an awareness of what is happening in their bodies and minds, and to provide them with specific tools they can use to regulate themselves.

Many children respond better to the body-based approach used in therapeutic yoga than to traditional talking-based therapies. This approach can be especially powerful for kinesthetic learners and those with language processing difficulties.

Therapeutic yoga sessions are typically done 1-1, but in some cases small groups may be available.

The Yoga Connects Program

Hannah Gould, M.Ed., RYT
Yoga Connects is a unique yoga program designed to meet the needs of young people with autism and other special challenges. Parents and children typically participate together, although 1-1 sessions may also be available.

Yoga Connects utilizes a visual yoga curriculum and specialized teaching approach developed by Hannah Gould. Home practice is encouraged and supported by the take-home visual curriculum.

With Yoga Connects, yoga can become a meaningful shared activity and provide a daily respite from stress for both parent and child.

Adaptive Yoga

Adaptive yoga sessions are available for children or adults with physical disabilities or mobility challenges. Sessions are offered in NESCA’s wheelchair-accessible space, and may also be available off-site in your home, school, day program or other setting. Adaptive yoga strengthens the body-mind connection and places emphasis on what the student’s body can do.

For more information or to sign up for therapeutic yoga services, please call Hannah Gould at 617-640-0450, or email hgould@nesca-newton.com.

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